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0000905PartDesignFeaturepublic2016-05-06 16:40
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Fixed in Version0.17 
Summary0000905: Ability to create Reference Offset and Angle Planes
Description  Offset Plane:
    Allow the user to create a reference plane that has an adjustable offset from the XY,XZ,YZ Planes, or any Face of the solid model.
    The user can then draw on that plane and create a pad/pocket feature from that plane.
    Later, the user can go and modify the offset of the plane to suit his/her needs.

  Angle Plane:
    A user would be able to create an angled plane by:
     1. Selecting an edge of a solid model and typing in an angle
     2. Selecting a line from a sketch or any 2 random points and typing in an angle.
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2012-12-20 18:30

administrator   ~0002682

would be a nice feature.
set to 0.14


2014-07-17 11:33

administrator   ~0004809

Here is a use case of this request:


2016-05-06 16:40

administrator   ~0007066

Implemented in v0.17

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