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0000812FreeCADBugpublic2014-10-14 18:22
Reportercepera-one Assigned Toshoogen  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.12 
Summary0000812: Does not import files with the national chars in the file name.
DescriptionFreeCAD does not import files with the national chars in the file name.
Additional InformationBug tracker also gives an error when I try to attach these files. You can take the example file from the distribution Schenkel.stp and add to its name the characters in Russian :-) or any other national character set.

When writing a plugin for my program I had to do copy such files to a temporary file and then import it into FreeCAD.
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parent of 0001421 closedshoogen STEP import failure due to non-ASCII chars path 
parent of 0001411 closedshoogen Importing and Exporting fails on Windows due to filepath encoding 
parent of 0001763 closedshoogen use UTF8 for filenames 
has duplicate 0000811 closed Does not import files with the national chars in the file name. 


2012-08-04 05:00


Schenkel.stp (Attachment missing)

2012-08-04 05:07


FreeCAD_About.jpg (Attachment missing)


2012-08-06 06:00

administrator   ~0002310

This is a limitation of the CAD kernel OpenCascade. In its API to load STEP or IGES files it only supports path names in plain ASCII.


2012-12-20 20:31

administrator   ~0002704

Maybe we can write a check on file names if they contain non-ASCII chars and
bail out more gracefully with user feedback....


2014-10-11 12:58

developer   ~0005210

to be tested on OCCT 6.8.0

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