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0000804SketcherFeaturepublic2015-01-12 00:19
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Fixed in Version0.15 
Summary0000804: external geometries in sketch break sketch when they loose their support
DescriptionIf a sketch contains external geometries and is mapped to a face, it therefore loses its support and currently breaks the sketch.

Solutions could include some of the following
1) regardless of behaviour, could offer a warning before the action is taken
2)delete the external geometries, or convert them to construction geometries
3)when coding, make allowance for other external geometries that may be added to FreeCAD in the future, e.g. point/vertex, or curves?
4) I found this problem when using map sketch to face, is it also a problem using copy/paste or "duplicate selection"?

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2015-01-12 00:19

administrator   ~0005626

As far as I can see the reported crash is fixed.

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