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0000752SketcherBugpublic2017-12-15 19:13
Reporterjmaustpc Assigned Toian.rees  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Platform32 bitOSKubuntuOS Version12.04
Fixed in Version0.17 
Summary0000752: sketcher constraint visuals default location and auto constraint visuals are often placed over the top of others
1) sketcher manual constraint visuals default editable (i.e. partly moveable) location on a sketch, after creation
2)as well as auto constraint visuals default non-editable location on a sketch

are often placed over the top of others of their type and each other.

For example, length of line constraint and distance of point along line constraint, located somewhere along the same line will both print their value in the same spot on the screen and thus sit over the top of each other.

This bug is less important that it may have otherwise been due to the fact that manual constraint values can be dragged with the mouse in one direction, and thus pull one out from under the other.
Steps To Reproducesee file and screen shots attached.

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Platform: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (32-bit)
Version: 0.13.1160 (Git)
Branch: master
Hash: 9ae96083d37d0952307fda2ad3cc3764d3ff793c
Python version: 2.7.3
Qt version: 4.8.1
Coin version: 3.1.3
SoQt version: 1.5.0
OCC version: 6.5.1
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2012-06-16 04:04


2012-06-16 04:05


2012-06-16 04:08



2012-06-23 05:42

developer   ~0002235

I made a few small improvements to this, but I've still got a problem with constraints such as horizontal and distance that share the same line. It's a problem with the ray pick method and needs further investigation.

I am hoping it can be improved further, but has less priority respectively.


2012-12-20 20:19

administrator   ~0002702

Since Luke already confessed ;)


2012-12-23 16:09

developer   ~0002757

I am not happy with the overlapping constraints icons. It seems to not work at all now. I think this needs a complete re-write for 0.14 and hopefully improve the performance at the same time if time permits.


2014-07-09 14:35

reporter   ~0004783

User ian.rees has done some work on this issue:


2014-08-24 18:38

reporter   ~0005002

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I stumbled on this again wanted to add the following links
which may be of help to devs regarding the status of this ticket.
Edit 2014-11-23: The issue of constraint symbols being placed on top of one another has been fixed.


2017-12-11 06:22

administrator   ~0010563

@bejant you wrote

Edit 2014-11-23: The issue of constraint symbols being placed on top of one another has been fixed.

does that mean this ticket is fixed ?


2017-12-12 03:01

reporter   ~0010577

does that mean this ticket is fixed ?

@Kunda1 : Yes


2017-12-12 03:02

administrator   ~0010578

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Thanks bejant! Resolving ticket. Will defer to a dev to close it.

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