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0000679DraftBugpublic2012-08-11 19:29
Reporterbenjamin12345 Assigned Toyorik  
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Product Version0.13 
Fixed in Version0.13 
Summary0000679: Arcs get wrong orientation when exporting to dxf
DescriptionWhen arcs are drawn within a sketch and the sketch is exported as dxf the arcs sometimes get the wrong orientation in the resulting dxf file. This does not always happen, but in about 50% of the cases. An example document with this problem and the resulting dxf file is attached to this bug report.

This has been a problem ever since I started using FreeCad, which was sometime about version 0.12.
Additional InformationFreecad version:

Version: 0.13.0784 (Git)
Branch: master
Hash: 2e062ab79713607566248a1e480b8921d5a03b58
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2012-04-23 08:22 (Attachment missing)


2012-04-23 17:34

administrator   ~0001964

ok, i'll have a look


2012-08-11 19:29

administrator   ~0002318

Fixed with 0000634 in 7a338f3

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