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0000622PartDesignFeaturepublic2021-02-06 06:43
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Product Version0.12 
Target Version0.20 
Summary0000622: Add taper angle feature in pad and pocket
DescriptionIt would be nice to have a taper angle option in pad and pocket tools (Part design workbench), similar to that on Extrude (Part WB).
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2012-04-29 05:53


TaperAngle_Pad.patch (Attachment missing)


2012-05-18 10:38

administrator   ~0002058

Patch applied to Assembly branch!

Works well!

To be done -> Use code in Pocket


2012-06-08 11:26

reporter   ~0002156

in progress


2013-01-13 14:32

developer   ~0002845

V0.13 now has a PartDesign::Draft feature which allows to select faces and apply a draft angle to them.

This is not the same functionality as that requested, but will lead to the same result.

I am not sure whether we should put even more options into the Pad/Pocket features. When I modelled for customers from the German automative industry, they insisted on always having draft in a separate feature.


2013-01-13 14:39

administrator   ~0002846

Draft can be done Pocket/Pad for easy and simple cases. If you want to have more control Pad/Pocket get for sure overloaded.
I think both make sense. A one angle solution in the basic features and a own feature for the more sophisticated (future) solutions..

I have generally no problem if there are overlapping features functionality.
May the better win!

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