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0000569FreeCADBugpublic2012-05-04 12:56
Reporterpperisin Assigned Toyorik  
Status closedResolutionnot fixable 
Product Version0.12 
Fixed in Version0.13 
Summary0000569: couple draft bugs

I really like draft offset - occ style. Great feature.

However, I noticed some bugs:

1 - this seems to work only on polyline. I can not make it to work on single line or arc.

2 - Even if I can make offset on polyline, I can not make face of it.

3 - When I make offset on polyline, converting it to sketch is badly.

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2012-01-11 13:03

administrator   ~0001558

Okay, I'll look into it, should be solvable...


2012-01-11 14:10

administrator   ~0001559

A bit of additional info ater testing:

1. OCC seems to have a problem making offsets of 1-edge wires. This indeed includes lines and arcs. Not too sure if there is a solution but will look into it.

2. Make faces works for me: Select an offsetted wire, press the Draft Upgrade button, then put it in Flat Lines mode (Shift+Space)

3. Indeed, converting it into a sketch has arcs inversions. I'll fix that first...


2012-01-11 14:28

reporter   ~0001560

2 works here too. I did not know I have to switch to wireframe manually.


2012-01-12 12:58

administrator   ~0001568

point 3 is now fixed


2012-03-12 10:08

reporter   ~0001751

this seems to be bad again. I can not even use OCC style offset anymore.


2012-03-12 12:28

administrator   ~0001752

fixed now. Still couldn't find a solution for problem #1, though...


2012-03-12 14:13

reporter   ~0001753

Last edited: 2012-03-12 14:29

I have just cloned from git (I used to do svn up until now, but since you fixed this I wanted to check). I can not even place wire nor polyline now.

EDIT: I think this was because I tried first time to use git. let me try once more


2012-03-12 14:30

administrator   ~0001754

Here all seems to work fine... Can you explain better what's wrong?


2012-03-12 20:48

administrator   ~0001756

Okay, there is a bug indeed, but it's another problem in the vector API...


2012-05-04 12:56

administrator   ~0002011

Okay I finally discovered the problem... For OCC to make its offset, it must know what is th normal direction of a wire (so the offset goes in the plane perpendicular to that normal). In a wire made of only one line segment, there is no way to know what the normal is, so there is no way to do the offset.

I'll close this bug since it is not directly solvable, in the future we can try to make ourselves to some alternative solution...

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