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0000512ArchFeaturepublic2013-10-18 18:51
Reporteryorik Assigned Toyorik  
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Target Version0.14Fixed in Version0.14 
Summary0000512: Arch module - Styles
DescriptionAdd a system to specify component styles. Those styles should be Geometry-less Document objects, so they can be easily copied from one document to another, or saved as libraries, and be stored inside a closed group, so it doesn't clutter the tree.

Those styles would defined how components like walls, structures or windows are to be constructed based on their base geometry. They would also include materials once that interface is available.

This would also serve to prove my point that it would be good to have the materials interface to use document objects too ;)
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2013-10-18 18:51

administrator   ~0003767

Cancelled because now we're using presets...

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