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0004787ExpressionsBugpublic2021-11-12 11:47
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Product Version0.20 
Summary0004787: Labels in expressions not updated correctly when Std_MergeProjects is used.
DescriptionWhen merging the same project more than once, Labels used in expressions are only updated if they match the Name of the object they refer to.
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open a new document.
  2. Use Std_MergeProjects to merge the attached file twice.
  3. The expression for the Radius of Cylinder001 is
    , it should be
  4. The expression for the Height of Cylinder001 has been correctly updated to
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FreeCAD InformationOS: Windows 8.1 (6.3)
Word size of FreeCAD: 64-bit
Version: 0.20.26306 (Git)
Build type: Release
Python version: 3.8.12
Qt version: 5.12.9
Coin version: 4.0.0
OCC version: 7.5.3
Locale: Dutch/Netherlands (nl_NL)



2021-11-12 11:47


box.FCStd (9,967 bytes)


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