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0004701FEMBugpublic2021-08-07 11:35
ReporterGustavo Luchesi Assigned ToKunda1  
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Product Version0.19 
DescriptionHi Everyone.

I've been studing FEA on FreeCAD from 0.18 version. I installed the new version 0.19 and i've been had some problems to open results of Buckling analysis.

On the last version (018) to solve it I was editing the .inp file 'n changing the *STATIC for *BUCKLE (with 3 modes for example), Run Calculix 'n i get results very well.

But now, in 0.19 version, i've been trying to run the same problems 'n i get empty results on ccx_Results with this message

NO RESULT OBJECT - FEM: Graphical bending stress output for beam or shell FEM meshes not yet supported.

But if i open the .inp file created by FreeCAD in Caculix inp editor, it's run and i get all results in post-processor.
Tags0.19, FEM
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Gustavo Luchesi

2021-07-05 00:37

reporter   ~0015728


2021-07-08 01:20

developer   ~0015733

Last edited: 2021-07-08 01:30

Hi Gustavo.

Could you rephrase your bug report as per instructions on Particularly:
1. Provide a file which works in 0.18 but not in 0.19 (you might have to post this on the forum or elsewhere for some reason)
2. Provide step by step instructions to replicate this bug.
3. Create a post in for this bug.

Thank you.



2021-07-21 20:43

administrator   ~0015740

Waiting for response from OP


2021-07-25 22:33

developer   ~0015750

Would it be possible to make a post on in FEM part of the forum?

cheers bernd


2021-08-07 11:35

administrator   ~0015781

No response from OP. Closing ticket. Please open a forum thread as requested.

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