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0004674FreeCADFeaturepublic2021-06-01 23:32
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Product Version0.19 
Summary0004674: FreeCAD cannot execute in Surface Pro X ARM based 64-bit syste
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Even though Microsoft's Surface Pro X, which is ARM based architecture, Windows 10 ARM, still can execute all x86 software by using internal x86 emulator.
It works for most software so far, with minor exceptions... I guess FreeCAD 0.19 is an exception can cannot execute in Windows 10 ARM

After Apple annoucement in 2020 and other major OEM (DELL, HP, ETC) laptops are migrating to ARM architecture.
It is time FreeCAD fixes compatibility issues with Windows ARM.
Steps To ReproduceInstall FreeCAD 0.19.x
Execute FreeCAD
Windows gives error "Cannot execute program"
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