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0004669FreeCADBugpublic2021-05-29 14:40
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Product Version0.19 
Summary0004669: Segfault every time I click "Edit Sketch"
DescriptionI have a small part I started building, but FreeCAD has crashed while I was editing the part sketch. Since then, opening the file and clicking "Edit sketch" (on the only sketch it has) leads to repeatable crash.
Steps To ReproduceStep #1: Start FreeCAD from commandline, with no additinoal flags.
Step 0000002: Open the offending file (attached to this bug)
Step 0000003: In the Tree View, right-click "Sketch"
Step 0000004: In the resulting pop-up menu, click "Edit Sketch"

FreeCAD then instantly crashes with segmentation fault.
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2021-05-29 14:39

reporter   ~0015679

I'm not seeing the attached file, maybe something went wrong with the upload (or I'm just misunderstanding the tracker). So re-uploading just in case.


2021-05-29 14:40

reporter   ~0015680

Oh, I keep getting "APPLICATION ERROR 0000503 Invalid upload path. Directory either does not exist or not writable to webserver."

So I suppose upload doesn't work in the tracker :-(

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