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0000466SketcherFeaturepublic2017-01-09 12:20
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Summary0000466: Sketcher: allow moving the dimension datums in two directions
DescriptionCurrently one can move a dimension only in a single direction along the dimension lines. It would be helpful to allow moving the number also in perpendicular direction.
Examples for a need:
1. linear dimension when the distance between the dimension lines is smaller than the font size.
2. angular dimensions are currently locked at 45 degrees and for concentric circles overlap each other.
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2011-11-04 20:59

administrator   ~0001241

I know that feature from Catia. Actually very nice!


2012-06-12 21:40

developer   ~0002189

I will look into this. It's also included in Solidworks.


2014-02-04 15:46

administrator   ~0004145

Can I assign this to you Luke? Doing some housecleaning...


2016-11-11 13:08

administrator   ~0007449

Current situation:
* Distance (X,Y or Length) constraints can be moved in any direction
* Radius can be moved radially
* Angle constraints can only be moved in the direction of the half of the angle. This needs to be extended to move it also radially.

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