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0004656ArchBugpublic2021-05-04 17:13
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OSWindowsOS Version10 
Product Version0.19 
Summary0004656: [Arch] Double click on arch door/window opens BIM wokbench
DescriptionWhen I double click on Arch door/window, FreeCAD switches to BIM wokbench
If you are in any workbench, it'll change to BIM with the double click (tested on 0.19.2 and 0.20)

FreeCAD discussion:
Steps To ReproduceOpen arch workbench
Create a wall
Insert an Arch Window in the wall
Double click on the window object in the combo view panel
The workbench changes to BIM workbench (that I have installed).
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2021-05-04 17:13

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Sorry, my mistake. I wrote twice the same report. Admin, you can delete this one. I don't know how .

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