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Summary0004617: GUI for creating "virtual elements"
DescriptionSee forum discussion: Virtual elements

In FEM world so called virtual elements are heavily used to reduce the amount of raw calculation power needed for any given simulation.
Example: imagine an already created engine block where your boss tells you to create an engine mount that can withstand a specific amount of G-forces. When you iterate through your different designs of that engine mount you must check them for strength AND at the same time check the engine block for strength in that area. To not stall your computer each and every time you must do these FEM calculations you will cut out the fastening portion for the engine mount from the engine block and utilize "virtual elements" to replace the rest of the engine block. This reduce the number of nodes calculculate and therefor reduce the strain on your computer, hence significantly reduce calculation time. Engine block stiffnes at the cut boundaries will given to you by your calculation specialist department and these values are set to the virtual elemnts.
The same principle goes for any calculation that can be simplified. Even for telecom masts!
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2021-04-05 13:37

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@Pauvres_honteux shouldn't this be in the FEM category?

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