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Summary0004615: Surface to surface tangency via a common curve
DescriptionForum discussion: Surface to surface tangency
Request for development of the possibility to create a tangent surface with respect to another surface sharing a common curve.
The curve shall be the parent of both surfaces.
No approximation of curves or surfaces is allowed.

Make file "Arbitrary four-sided surface" to work according to what is stated above:
Arbitrary four-sided surface
FreeCAD InformationNot applicable for this request.



2021-04-05 11:09

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Looks like there has been some effort already by wmayer in


2021-04-05 11:52

reporter   ~0015595

@Kunda1, you do realize you've linked to the same thread as I did? Hence I already know all that and have tested it and it does not work for the requested "Surface to surface tangency via a common curve".
The way it works as of now is via an surface edge and that makes the model extreamly affected by topo naming, no matter how good Realthunders algo works. Please reread the topic and try to understand how one create rock solid, linked, geometry. That is, via a common curve as a parent for both surfaces.


2021-04-05 13:35

administrator   ~0015596

@Pauvres_honteux Yes, I do realize that. My intention was to summarize by linking to the code that has already been contributed. This way, devs have a summary of what's been done on the source code side of things.

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