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0000453FreeCADBugpublic2014-10-27 13:06
Reporterwmayer Assigned Toyorik  
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Target Version0.15 
Summary0000453: Untranslated strings
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2011-10-22 00:22

administrator   ~0001182

strings were extracted from source today and added to crowdin. I believe there will be not much missing until the 0.12 release...


2011-10-22 12:13

administrator   ~0001185


2011-10-24 13:05

administrator   ~0001188

A list of strings that are not considered by the translation system (from )

View Window:

Unnamed (The project file name in the view tab)
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All the values name and valor (Display tab)
All the values name and valor (Data tab)

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File type list (Dropdown list in merge project dialog)
Unknown (Project information -> Las modification date)
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Dropdown module name list (General -> General -> Start group)
View smoothing (Part design)
Hint (Part design)

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Buttons (Placements.. task panel)

View Menu:

Close (Texture mapping... task panel)
Display properties (Display properties window title)
display dropdown list (Display properties window)
Material dropdown list (Display properties window)
Workbenches (Workbench)
Sketcher geometries (Toolbars)

Tools Menu:

File type dropdown list (Save picture... window)
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Help Menu:

Everything (Help)
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Test framework:

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Inventor View (Menu)


Everything (Toolbar)


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2011-11-24 01:09

administrator   ~0001346

I'll assign this to myself... Not sure I can handle the untranslated strings, but I'll take care of updating and pulling the translations to/from crowdin.


2011-12-05 13:01

administrator   ~0001391

Since v012 is basically done, I changed issue priority and title from "Update translation for v0.12" to "Untranslated strings"


2014-09-18 15:00

administrator   ~0005126

Only points missing above where something should still be done:

1) The label of a default new document (Unnamed) should be translated. But this is decided in App, where Qt is not present. Not sure how to solve this... Werner do you have an idea about this?

2) The Web WB has no translations file. I'll take care of it...


2014-09-18 16:44

administrator   ~0005127

Qt is already sparsely used in Base and App. But adding the whole translation system to App for just a couple of strings is overkill. So, I think we can keep it quite simple:

Put this into e.g. Gui/Document.cpp:
#if 0 // needed for Qt's lupdate utility
    qApp->translate("App::Document", "Unnamed");

Then inside Application::sNewDocument:
QString name = QCoreApplication::translate("App::Document", "Unnamed");
and if "usrName" there is not set from outside we can pass the translated string:
if (usrName)
  return GetApplication().newDocument(docName, usrName)->getPyObject();
  return GetApplication().newDocument(docName, name.toUtf8().constData())->getPyObject();


2014-09-18 23:21

administrator   ~0005129

Finally the fix was simple, the translation is already handled by the StdCmdNew command... I just made a little change, that is the document label is taken from the name passed to the command, not the unique name chosen by FreeCAD.

Related Changesets

FreeCAD: master 6e5fbc74

2014-09-18 17:24:16


Details Diff
Added base translation file for the Web WB - issue 0000453 Affected Issues
add - src/Mod/Web/Gui/Resources/translations/Web.ts Diff File
mod - src/Tools/ Diff File

FreeCAD: master fbeb7beb

2014-09-19 01:17:50


Details Diff
Fixed label of document - fixes 0000453 Affected Issues
mod - src/App/Application.cpp Diff File

FreeCAD: master 429e55d7

2014-10-27 13:11:50


Details Diff
+ make sure to set unique labels for newly created documents Affected Issues
mod - src/App/Application.cpp Diff File

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