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0004445FreeCADBugpublic2021-01-15 23:55
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Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version0.19 
Summary0004445: FreeCAD menus and buttons very slow (Linux version) on ChromeOS (GPU Acceleration must be enabled)
DescriptionFreeCAD menus and buttons don't work respond very slowly on Linux version run on ChromeOS, this is true for installing through FlatHub, Snapstore and Appimage. Sometimes the menus change when you mouse over them so you can't click on anything, sometimes the blue background turns grey, flashing when the mouse moves. When the app first opens it is possible to select the menu options but they often don't seem to do anything. In an earlier version of Prusa Slicer I had a similiar issue but it seems that it was resolved.
Steps To ReproduceInstall FreeCAD 0.18 using snap, flathub or appimage
Open and try to use
Tags#pending, ChromeOS
FreeCAD InformationOS: KDE Flatpak runtime
Word size of OS: 64-bit
Word size of FreeCAD: 64-bit
Version: 0.18.14555 (Git shallow)
Build type: Release
Branch: (HEAD detached at 783e134)
Hash: 783e1346c7a078f5265c3f0c6a927d09a8c1fe70
Python version: 3.7.4
Qt version: 5.14.2
Coin version: 4.0.0
OCC version: 7.3.0
Locale: English/United States (en_US)



2020-09-27 08:14

reporter   ~0014768

Just to add, when I try to use parts of the UI eg creating a new body parts of the UI disappear like the view controls and everything in the application box. Once I've tried to do this often FreeCAD stops responding and once closed when I try to repopen I just get a black screen and have to restart my laptop


2020-09-27 09:33

reporter   ~0014769

OK, it looks like the issue is being caused by GPU acceleration, disabling GPU acceleration for Linux apps means it runs. I'm not sure how to include this as a fix


2020-09-27 09:34

reporter   ~0014770

You can turn off GPU support by disabling chrome://flags/#crostini-gpu-support


2020-09-27 11:19

administrator   ~0014771

@mrjohnc, Thanks for the heads up. This is good to know.
A favor, next time please follow our tracker guidelines (yellow banner, top of page). It helps us with dealing with triage immensely. As you can see we are currently only accepting v0.19 bugs. Is this then something that can be replicated on v0.19?
Try it quickly via AppImage

CC @chrisb (we may need to add this to Known Issues thread)


2020-09-27 11:48

reporter   ~0014772

Hi @Kunda1

Thanks, I can confirm that the issues remain with 0.19 when GPU acceleration enabled although they're not quite as bad its still not usable. Again disabling GPU acceleration is a workaround


2020-10-09 21:27

developer   ~0014810

@mrjohnc : could you please paste the full information about the 0.19 version your tried ? Thx


2020-10-22 11:26

administrator   ~0014923

@mrjohnc ping


2020-10-22 11:31

administrator   ~0014925

Updated ticket to reflect v0.19 only


2020-10-22 11:45

reporter   ~0014926

@openBrain and @Kunda1 thanks, its the latest version available on Flathub as of now. I'm happily using it with GPU acceleration turned off, I'm unsure if its an issue with the OS, Linux support is still in Beta. My suggestion would just be to have some guidance on ChromeOS installation with a little not to say 'if you have issues with the interface turn off GPU acceleration in chrome://flags


2020-10-22 15:45

administrator   ~0014927

@mrjohnc where do you propose we should display this note so ChromeOS users see it?
BTW, the problem goes away with GPU acceleration then? *confused*


2020-10-22 16:50

reporter   ~0014931

Last edited: 2020-10-22 16:52

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I think that instructions should live here

And then maybe a small note on this page in the Linux section on the downloads page saying something like 'including Chromebooks with Linux support'

The Chromebook instructions could be something like this, are you able to add it?

==Chromebooks with Linux support==
FreeCAD can be installed on Intel based Chromebooks with Linux support (link

# Enable Linux support (
# Enable Flatpak installation using the terminal (
# Install FreeCAD via Flathub using the command line instructions (
# Find FreeCAD in your Linux Apps folder

Note: there is an issue with some Chromebooks which causes UI problems in FreeCAD, this can be solved by disabling Linux GPU acceleration in Chrome Flags (chrome://flags/#crostini-gpu-support)


There are some other ways to achieve installing it but this is the one with the least steps and most simple for new users.


2020-10-22 19:27

administrator   ~0014932

@kkremitzki what do you think? Should we put this on the site and/or the Github release page ?


2020-10-22 23:08

administrator   ~0014937

Sure, if there are platform-specific instructions needed, it seems pretty reasonable to expand the "For distro-specific instructions..." sentence on the downloads page to specifically mention them, as Chromebooks are extensively used in education.


2020-12-12 12:52

administrator   ~0015127

@sgrogan please update the 0.19 Release page mentioning Chromebook support. Here's the suggested text (please modify as you see fit)

#### Chromebook

We understand through our forum users that FreeCAD can successfully run on Chromebooks. The only caveat known to us is the need to enable GPU acceleration (Ticket [0004445]( within FC. 


2021-01-15 23:55

reporter   ~0015209

@Kunda1 sorry to miss this before, I think this is good, please can you add it?

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