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0004326FreeCADBugpublic2020-05-09 22:55
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Summary0004326: [Path] Simulation Doesn't work with new toolbits
Descriptioncurrent tools of type Path.Tool are represented mathmatically in simulation, by decribing the height of the tool face at -1 to 1 of the tool radius.

This approach won't work with the tools bits as they cannot easily be represented mathmatically as the form is unknown due to the flexibility of sketching the tool shape.

Steps To Reproducecreate a path job using tool bits (not legacy tools) create an operation and simulate
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2020-05-09 22:55

developer   ~0014411

Fix committed to master branch.

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FreeCAD: master 7cb81412

2020-04-29 18:32:25


Details Diff
Handle Legacy and Toolbits in simulation fixes 0004326

pass the tool or toolbit shape into the simulation
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mod - src/Mod/Path/PathScripts/ Diff File

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