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0004320PathFeaturepublic2021-02-06 06:33
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Target Version0.20 
Summary0004320: Support incremental Gcode in postprocessors
DescriptionSome machine controls require gcode to be incrmental. We currently don't have any postprocessors that work this way so there's no reference implementation.
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2020-04-22 22:48

manager   ~0014366

I really need a sample file and gcode to work with but here's an early attempt to try.

I made a 10x10 cube and profiled it without compensation. Use the attached postprocessor with the following parameters
--no-header --relative --axis-modal --line-numbers

The output looks like this:

N105 (begin preamble)
N110 G17 G54 G40 G49 G80 G91
N115 G91
N120 G21
N125 (begin operation: Fixture)
N130 (machine: not set, mm/min)
N135 G54
N140 (finish operation: Fixture)
N145 (begin operation: Spot Drill001)
N150 (machine: not set, mm/min)
N155 (Spot Drill001)
N160 M5
N165 M6 T2
G43 H2
N170 M3 S0
N175 (finish operation: Spot Drill001)
N180 (begin operation: Contour)
N185 (machine: not set, mm/min)
N190 (Contour)
N195 (Uncompensated Tool Path)
N200 G0 Z+016000
N205 G0 X+005000 Y+005000
N210 G0 Z-002000
N215 G1 Z-014000
N220 G1 Y-010000
N225 G1 X-010000
N230 G1 Y+010000
N235 G1 X+010000
N240 G0 Z+016000
N245 (finish operation: Contour)
(begin postamble)
N250 M05
N255 G17 G54 G90 G80 G40
N260 M2 (Attachment missing)


2020-04-22 23:15

manager   ~0014367

The attached post has two kinds of changes in it. The changes to make the relative gcode are, I think, broadly applicable and should be included in the linuxcnc reference post processor.

The changes to format the numbers in a specific way is unique to the Geg's EDM machine and should not be included.

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