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0004223FreeCADBugpublic2019-12-15 15:26
Reporterrainbowhope Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionduplicate 
PlatformLinuxOSLinuxOS VersionDebian 10
Product Version0.18 
Summary0004223: Does not generate codes by Z-coordinate
DescriptionHello! Created a detail representing a parallelepiped, with a barrel shape on the surface of the X-Y. In path layout I use "3D pocked". All paths are drawn, in the "G-code" emulation mode, the route of the cutter pressure is correct: the cutter moves both horizontally and vertically. Next, export to G-code FileName.tap and get a file in which the parameter Z contains the same values, either Z is missing from some string or naming. Z moves only at the beginning, for positioning to the starting point. As a result, the machine does not position the z axis, and instead of a barrel-shaped surface, a flat plane is obtained. If you ask milled recesses with a flat bottom, hole, Z otrabatyvaet fine. What am I doing wrong, or is it a bug ? I attach a project file and a file with G-codes.

OS: Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)
Word size of OS: 32-bit
Word size of FreeCAD: 32-bit
Version: 0.18.
Build type: Release
Python version: 2.7.16rc1
Qt version: 5.11.3
Coin version: 4.0.0a
OCC version: 7.3.0
Locale: Russian/Russia (ru_RU)

Richuto DSP A11 - CNC block.

A similar task made in ArtCAM machine fulfills correctly.
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duplicate of 0004222 closed Path doesn't put Z values in g-code || Не формирует коды по Z-координате 



2019-12-11 15:04


Box_2.FCStd1 (21,158 bytes)
Box_2.tap (16,123 bytes)   
G0 Z22.500000
G0 X70.757418 Y46.468097
G0 Z20.500000
G1 X70.757418 Y46.468097 Z16.500000
G1 X70.757418 Y47.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X71.789321 Y47.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X70.757418 Y46.468097 Z16.500000
G1 X70.757418 Y42.932563 Z16.500000
G1 X75.324855 Y47.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X78.860389 Y47.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X70.757418 Y39.397029 Z16.500000
G1 X70.757418 Y35.861495 Z16.500000
G1 X82.395923 Y47.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X85.931457 Y47.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X70.757418 Y32.325961 Z16.500000
G1 X70.757418 Y28.790427 Z16.500000
G1 X89.466991 Y47.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X93.002525 Y47.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X70.757418 Y25.254894 Z16.500000
G1 X70.757418 Y21.719360 Z16.500000
G1 X96.538059 Y47.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y47.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y44.926407 Z16.500000
G1 X70.757418 Y18.183826 Z16.500000
G1 X70.757418 Y14.648292 Z16.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y41.390873 Z16.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y37.855339 Z16.500000
G1 X70.757418 Y11.112758 Z16.500000
G1 X70.757418 Y7.577224 Z16.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y34.319805 Z16.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y30.784271 Z16.500000
G1 X70.757418 Y4.041690 Z16.500000
G1 X70.757418 Y2.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X72.751262 Y2.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y27.248738 Z16.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y23.713204 Z16.500000
G1 X76.286796 Y2.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X79.822330 Y2.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y20.177670 Z16.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y16.642136 Z16.500000
G1 X83.357864 Y2.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X86.893398 Y2.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y13.106602 Z16.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y9.571068 Z16.500000
G1 X90.428932 Y2.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X93.964466 Y2.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y6.035534 Z16.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y2.500000 Z16.500000
G0 X97.500000 Y2.500000 Z22.500000
G0 X29.242581 Y4.953260 Z22.500000
G1 X29.242581 Y4.953260 Z16.500000
G1 X29.242581 Y2.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X26.789322 Y2.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X29.242581 Y4.953260 Z16.500000
G1 X29.242581 Y8.488794 Z16.500000
G1 X23.253788 Y2.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X19.718254 Y2.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X29.242581 Y12.024328 Z16.500000
G1 X29.242581 Y15.559862 Z16.500000
G1 X16.182720 Y2.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X12.647186 Y2.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X29.242581 Y19.095396 Z16.500000
G1 X29.242581 Y22.630929 Z16.500000
G1 X9.111652 Y2.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X5.576118 Y2.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X29.242581 Y26.166463 Z16.500000
G1 X29.242581 Y29.701997 Z16.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y2.959416 Z16.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y6.494950 Z16.500000
G1 X29.242581 Y33.237531 Z16.500000
G1 X29.242581 Y36.773065 Z16.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y10.030484 Z16.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y13.566018 Z16.500000
G1 X29.242581 Y40.308599 Z16.500000
G1 X29.242581 Y43.844133 Z16.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y17.101552 Z16.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y20.637086 Z16.500000
G1 X29.242581 Y47.379667 Z16.500000
G1 X29.242581 Y47.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X25.827381 Y47.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y24.172620 Z16.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y27.708154 Z16.500000
G1 X22.291847 Y47.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X18.756313 Y47.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y31.243688 Z16.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y34.779221 Z16.500000
G1 X15.220779 Y47.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X11.685245 Y47.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y38.314755 Z16.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y41.850289 Z16.500000
G1 X8.149711 Y47.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X4.614177 Y47.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y45.385823 Z16.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y47.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X4.614177 Y47.500000 Z16.500000
G1 X4.614177 Y47.500000 Z15.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y47.500000 Z15.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y45.385823 Z15.500000
G1 X4.614177 Y47.500000 Z15.500000
G1 X8.149711 Y47.500000 Z15.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y41.850289 Z15.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y38.314755 Z15.500000
G1 X11.685245 Y47.500000 Z15.500000
G1 X15.220779 Y47.500000 Z15.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y34.779221 Z15.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y31.243688 Z15.500000
G1 X18.756313 Y47.500000 Z15.500000
G1 X21.680111 Y47.500000 Z15.500000
G1 X21.680111 Y46.888264 Z15.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y27.708154 Z15.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y24.172620 Z15.500000
G1 X21.680111 Y43.352731 Z15.500000
G1 X21.680111 Y39.817197 Z15.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y20.637086 Z15.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y17.101552 Z15.500000
G1 X21.680111 Y36.281663 Z15.500000
G1 X21.680111 Y32.746129 Z15.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y13.566018 Z15.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y10.030484 Z15.500000
G1 X21.680111 Y29.210595 Z15.500000
G1 X21.680111 Y25.675061 Z15.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y6.494950 Z15.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y2.959416 Z15.500000
G1 X21.680111 Y22.139527 Z15.500000
G1 X21.680111 Y18.603993 Z15.500000
G1 X5.576118 Y2.500000 Z15.500000
G1 X9.111652 Y2.500000 Z15.500000
G1 X21.680111 Y15.068459 Z15.500000
G1 X21.680111 Y11.532925 Z15.500000
G1 X12.647186 Y2.500000 Z15.500000
G1 X16.182720 Y2.500000 Z15.500000
G1 X21.680111 Y7.997392 Z15.500000
G1 X21.680111 Y4.461858 Z15.500000
G1 X19.718254 Y2.500000 Z15.500000
G1 X21.680111 Y2.500000 Z15.500000
G1 X21.680111 Y4.461858 Z15.500000
G0 X21.680111 Y4.461858 Z22.500000
G0 X78.319889 Y46.959500 Z22.500000
G1 X78.319889 Y46.959500 Z15.500000
G1 X78.319889 Y47.500000 Z15.500000
G1 X78.860389 Y47.500000 Z15.500000
G1 X78.319889 Y46.959500 Z15.500000
G1 X78.319889 Y43.423966 Z15.500000
G1 X82.395923 Y47.500000 Z15.500000
G1 X85.931457 Y47.500000 Z15.500000
G1 X78.319889 Y39.888432 Z15.500000
G1 X78.319889 Y36.352898 Z15.500000
G1 X89.466991 Y47.500000 Z15.500000
G1 X93.002525 Y47.500000 Z15.500000
G1 X78.319889 Y32.817364 Z15.500000
G1 X78.319889 Y29.281830 Z15.500000
G1 X96.538059 Y47.500000 Z15.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y47.500000 Z15.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y44.926407 Z15.500000
G1 X78.319889 Y25.746296 Z15.500000
G1 X78.319889 Y22.210762 Z15.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y41.390873 Z15.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y37.855339 Z15.500000
G1 X78.319889 Y18.675228 Z15.500000
G1 X78.319889 Y15.139694 Z15.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y34.319805 Z15.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y30.784271 Z15.500000
G1 X78.319889 Y11.604161 Z15.500000
G1 X78.319889 Y8.068627 Z15.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y27.248738 Z15.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y23.713204 Z15.500000
G1 X78.319889 Y4.533093 Z15.500000
G1 X78.319889 Y2.500000 Z15.500000
G1 X79.822330 Y2.500000 Z15.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y20.177670 Z15.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y16.642136 Z15.500000
G1 X83.357864 Y2.500000 Z15.500000
G1 X86.893398 Y2.500000 Z15.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y13.106602 Z15.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y9.571068 Z15.500000
G1 X90.428932 Y2.500000 Z15.500000
G1 X93.964466 Y2.500000 Z15.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y6.035534 Z15.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y2.500000 Z15.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y2.500000 Z14.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y6.035534 Z14.500000
G1 X93.964466 Y2.500000 Z14.500000
G1 X90.428932 Y2.500000 Z14.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y9.571068 Z14.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y13.106602 Z14.500000
G1 X86.893398 Y2.500000 Z14.500000
G1 X84.122776 Y2.500000 Z14.500000
G1 X84.122776 Y3.264913 Z14.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y16.642136 Z14.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y20.177670 Z14.500000
G1 X84.122776 Y6.800446 Z14.500000
G1 X84.122776 Y10.335980 Z14.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y23.713204 Z14.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y27.248738 Z14.500000
G1 X84.122776 Y13.871514 Z14.500000
G1 X84.122776 Y17.407048 Z14.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y30.784271 Z14.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y34.319805 Z14.500000
G1 X84.122776 Y20.942582 Z14.500000
G1 X84.122776 Y24.478116 Z14.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y37.855339 Z14.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y41.390873 Z14.500000
G1 X84.122776 Y28.013650 Z14.500000
G1 X84.122776 Y31.549184 Z14.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y44.926407 Z14.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y47.500000 Z14.500000
G1 X96.538059 Y47.500000 Z14.500000
G1 X84.122776 Y35.084718 Z14.500000
G1 X84.122776 Y38.620252 Z14.500000
G1 X93.002525 Y47.500000 Z14.500000
G1 X89.466991 Y47.500000 Z14.500000
G1 X84.122776 Y42.155786 Z14.500000
G1 X84.122776 Y45.691319 Z14.500000
G1 X85.931457 Y47.500000 Z14.500000
G1 X84.122776 Y47.500000 Z14.500000
G1 X84.122776 Y45.691319 Z14.500000
G0 X84.122776 Y45.691319 Z22.500000
G0 X15.877224 Y5.730038 Z22.500000
G1 X15.877224 Y5.730038 Z14.500000
G1 X15.877224 Y2.500000 Z14.500000
G1 X12.647186 Y2.500000 Z14.500000
G1 X15.877224 Y5.730038 Z14.500000
G1 X15.877224 Y9.265572 Z14.500000
G1 X9.111652 Y2.500000 Z14.500000
G1 X5.576118 Y2.500000 Z14.500000
G1 X15.877224 Y12.801105 Z14.500000
G1 X15.877224 Y16.336639 Z14.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y2.959416 Z14.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y6.494950 Z14.500000
G1 X15.877224 Y19.872173 Z14.500000
G1 X15.877224 Y23.407707 Z14.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y10.030484 Z14.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y13.566018 Z14.500000
G1 X15.877223 Y26.943241 Z14.500000
G1 X15.877223 Y30.478775 Z14.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y17.101552 Z14.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y20.637086 Z14.500000
G1 X15.877223 Y34.014309 Z14.500000
G1 X15.877223 Y37.549843 Z14.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y24.172620 Z14.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y27.708154 Z14.500000
G1 X15.877223 Y41.085377 Z14.500000
G1 X15.877223 Y44.620911 Z14.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y31.243688 Z14.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y34.779221 Z14.500000
G1 X15.220779 Y47.500000 Z14.500000
G1 X11.685245 Y47.500000 Z14.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y38.314755 Z14.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y41.850289 Z14.500000
G1 X8.149711 Y47.500000 Z14.500000
G1 X4.614177 Y47.500000 Z14.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y47.500000 Z14.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y45.385823 Z14.500000
G1 X4.614177 Y47.500000 Z14.500000
G1 X4.614177 Y47.500000 Z13.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y45.385823 Z13.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y47.500000 Z13.500000
G1 X4.614177 Y47.500000 Z13.500000
G1 X8.149711 Y47.500000 Z13.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y41.850289 Z13.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y38.314755 Z13.500000
G1 X10.985163 Y46.799918 Z13.500000
G1 X10.985163 Y43.264384 Z13.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y34.779221 Z13.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y31.243688 Z13.500000
G1 X10.985163 Y39.728850 Z13.500000
G1 X10.985163 Y36.193316 Z13.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y27.708154 Z13.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y24.172620 Z13.500000
G1 X10.985163 Y32.657782 Z13.500000
G1 X10.985163 Y29.122248 Z13.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y20.637086 Z13.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y17.101552 Z13.500000
G1 X10.985163 Y25.586714 Z13.500000
G1 X10.985163 Y22.051180 Z13.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y13.566018 Z13.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y10.030484 Z13.500000
G1 X10.985163 Y18.515647 Z13.500000
G1 X10.985163 Y14.980113 Z13.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y6.494950 Z13.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y2.959416 Z13.500000
G1 X10.985163 Y11.444579 Z13.500000
G1 X10.985163 Y7.909045 Z13.500000
G1 X5.576118 Y2.500000 Z13.500000
G1 X9.111652 Y2.500000 Z13.500000
G1 X10.985163 Y4.373511 Z13.500000
G1 X10.985163 Y2.500000 Z13.500000
G1 X9.111652 Y2.500000 Z13.500000
G0 X9.111652 Y2.500000 Z22.500000
G0 X97.500000 Y2.500000 Z22.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y2.500000 Z13.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y6.035534 Z13.500000
G1 X93.964466 Y2.500000 Z13.500000
G1 X90.428932 Y2.500000 Z13.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y9.571068 Z13.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y13.106602 Z13.500000
G1 X89.014837 Y4.621439 Z13.500000
G1 X89.014837 Y8.156973 Z13.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y16.642136 Z13.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y20.177670 Z13.500000
G1 X89.014837 Y11.692507 Z13.500000
G1 X89.014837 Y15.228041 Z13.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y23.713204 Z13.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y27.248738 Z13.500000
G1 X89.014837 Y18.763575 Z13.500000
G1 X89.014837 Y22.299109 Z13.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y30.784271 Z13.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y34.319805 Z13.500000
G1 X89.014837 Y25.834643 Z13.500000
G1 X89.014837 Y29.370177 Z13.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y37.855339 Z13.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y41.390873 Z13.500000
G1 X89.014837 Y32.905711 Z13.500000
G1 X89.014837 Y36.441244 Z13.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y44.926407 Z13.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y47.500000 Z13.500000
G1 X96.538059 Y47.500000 Z13.500000
G1 X89.014837 Y39.976778 Z13.500000
G1 X89.014837 Y43.512312 Z13.500000
G1 X93.002525 Y47.500000 Z13.500000
G1 X89.466991 Y47.500000 Z13.500000
G1 X89.014837 Y47.500000 Z13.500000
G1 X89.014837 Y47.047846 Z13.500000
G1 X89.466991 Y47.500000 Z13.500000
G0 X89.466991 Y47.500000 Z22.500000
G0 X96.538059 Y47.500000 Z22.500000
G1 X96.538059 Y47.500000 Z12.500000
G1 X93.324829 Y44.286770 Z12.500000
G1 X93.324829 Y47.500000 Z12.500000
G1 X96.538059 Y47.500000 Z12.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y47.500000 Z12.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y44.926407 Z12.500000
G1 X93.324829 Y40.751236 Z12.500000
G1 X93.324829 Y37.215702 Z12.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y41.390873 Z12.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y37.855339 Z12.500000
G1 X93.324829 Y33.680168 Z12.500000
G1 X93.324829 Y30.144634 Z12.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y34.319805 Z12.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y30.784271 Z12.500000
G1 X93.324829 Y26.609100 Z12.500000
G1 X93.324829 Y23.073566 Z12.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y27.248737 Z12.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y23.713203 Z12.500000
G1 X93.324829 Y19.538032 Z12.500000
G1 X93.324829 Y16.002499 Z12.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y20.177670 Z12.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y16.642136 Z12.500000
G1 X93.324829 Y12.466965 Z12.500000
G1 X93.324829 Y8.931431 Z12.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y13.106602 Z12.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y9.571068 Z12.500000
G1 X93.324829 Y5.395897 Z12.500000
G1 X93.324829 Y2.500000 Z12.500000
G1 X93.964466 Y2.500000 Z12.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y6.035534 Z12.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y2.500000 Z12.500000
G0 X97.500000 Y2.500000 Z22.500000
G0 X6.675171 Y3.599053 Z22.500000
G1 X6.675171 Y3.599053 Z12.500000
G1 X6.675171 Y2.500000 Z12.500000
G1 X5.576118 Y2.500000 Z12.500000
G1 X6.675171 Y3.599053 Z12.500000
G1 X6.675171 Y7.134587 Z12.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y2.959416 Z12.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y6.494950 Z12.500000
G1 X6.675171 Y10.670121 Z12.500000
G1 X6.675171 Y14.205655 Z12.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y10.030484 Z12.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y13.566018 Z12.500000
G1 X6.675171 Y17.741188 Z12.500000
G1 X6.675171 Y21.276722 Z12.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y17.101552 Z12.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y20.637086 Z12.500000
G1 X6.675171 Y24.812256 Z12.500000
G1 X6.675171 Y28.347790 Z12.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y24.172620 Z12.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y27.708153 Z12.500000
G1 X6.675171 Y31.883324 Z12.500000
G1 X6.675171 Y35.418858 Z12.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y31.243687 Z12.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y34.779221 Z12.500000
G1 X6.675171 Y38.954392 Z12.500000
G1 X6.675171 Y42.489926 Z12.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y38.314755 Z12.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y41.850289 Z12.500000
G1 X6.675171 Y46.025460 Z12.500000
G1 X6.675171 Y47.500000 Z12.500000
G1 X4.614177 Y47.500000 Z12.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y45.385823 Z12.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y47.500000 Z12.500000
G1 X4.614177 Y47.500000 Z12.500000
G0 X4.614177 Y47.500000 Z22.500000
G0 X2.778641 Y45.664463 Z22.500000
G1 X2.778641 Y45.664463 Z11.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y45.385823 Z11.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y47.500000 Z11.500000
G1 X2.778641 Y47.500000 Z11.500000
G1 X2.778641 Y45.664463 Z11.500000
G1 X2.778641 Y42.128929 Z11.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y41.850289 Z11.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y38.314755 Z11.500000
G1 X2.778641 Y38.593396 Z11.500000
G1 X2.778641 Y35.057862 Z11.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y34.779221 Z11.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y31.243687 Z11.500000
G1 X2.778641 Y31.522328 Z11.500000
G1 X2.778641 Y27.986794 Z11.500000
G1 X2.500000 Y27.708153 Z11.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y24.172620 Z11.500000
G1 X2.778641 Y24.451260 Z11.500000
G1 X2.778641 Y20.915726 Z11.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y20.637086 Z11.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y17.101552 Z11.500000
G1 X2.778641 Y17.380192 Z11.500000
G1 X2.778641 Y13.844658 Z11.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y13.566018 Z11.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y10.030484 Z11.500000
G1 X2.778641 Y10.309124 Z11.500000
G1 X2.778641 Y6.773590 Z11.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y6.494950 Z11.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y2.959416 Z11.500000
G1 X2.778641 Y3.238056 Z11.500000
G1 X2.778641 Y2.500000 Z11.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y2.500000 Z11.500000
G1 X2.500001 Y2.959416 Z11.500000
G0 X2.500001 Y2.959416 Z22.500000
G0 X97.500000 Y2.500000 Z22.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y2.500000 Z11.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y6.035534 Z11.500000
G1 X97.221359 Y5.756893 Z11.500000
G1 X97.221359 Y9.292427 Z11.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y9.571068 Z11.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y13.106602 Z11.500000
G1 X97.221359 Y12.827961 Z11.500000
G1 X97.221359 Y16.363495 Z11.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y16.642136 Z11.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y20.177670 Z11.500000
G1 X97.221359 Y19.899029 Z11.500000
G1 X97.221359 Y23.434563 Z11.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y23.713203 Z11.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y27.248737 Z11.500000
G1 X97.221359 Y26.970097 Z11.500000
G1 X97.221359 Y30.505631 Z11.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y30.784271 Z11.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y34.319805 Z11.500000
G1 X97.221359 Y34.041165 Z11.500000
G1 X97.221359 Y37.576699 Z11.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y37.855339 Z11.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y41.390873 Z11.500000
G1 X97.221359 Y41.112233 Z11.500000
G1 X97.221359 Y44.647767 Z11.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y44.926407 Z11.500000
G1 X97.500000 Y47.500000 Z11.500000
G1 X97.221359 Y47.500000 Z11.500000
G1 X97.221359 Y44.647767 Z11.500000
G0 Z22.500000
Box_2.tap (16,123 bytes)   


2019-12-13 16:08

reporter   ~0013908

This seems like a bogus bug report:

  • it's related to Path not to FreeCAD
  • it's not a crash, but an unwanted result

Issue History

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2019-12-11 15:04 rainbowhope New Issue
2019-12-11 15:04 rainbowhope File Added: Box_2.FCStd1
2019-12-11 15:04 rainbowhope File Added: Box_2.tap
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2019-12-13 16:00 DeepSOIC Relationship added duplicate of 0004222
2019-12-13 16:08 Zolko Note Added: 0013908
2019-12-15 15:26 openBrain Priority high => none
2019-12-15 15:26 openBrain Severity crash => major
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2019-12-15 15:26 openBrain Resolution open => duplicate