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0004081FreeCADFeaturepublic2020-10-14 21:10
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Summary0004081: Abillity to show console output when running under Python
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related bug: 0004000

Whenn running in pur Python Console prints are not printed. In FEM, Arch and Draft we gone make heavy usage of console prints. In lot of cases not an error is raised but with a try except the problem is catched and an error is printed to the user someing has not been done, but the method runs further. If the console errors are surpressed the used does not get informed if something goes wrong.

We should be able to catch the console errors somehow in python mode. Best would be if it is possible to only catch these errors because than something went wrong.

The other way would be not to use console print at all an raise an error in each problem case in Arch, Draft and FEM. An very good example can be seen in the first post of the forum topic linked above.

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related to 0004000 closedwmayer Ability to suppress console output when running under python 


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