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0003978SketcherBugpublic2020-02-20 21:09
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Summary0003978: unchanged reference dimensions lose reference mode
Description- take e.g. this simple sketch:
- There are several reference-mode dimensions in it, double click on a reference-mode dimension and then do nothing, just press cancel in the appearing dialog

result: the dimension is no longer in reference mode but a normal mandatory dimension (turns from blue to red). But the dimension was not changed so there must not be any automatic change the user. Cancel must just cancel, nothing else.

(The problem is that in real life documents the suddenly new real dimensions make sketches over-constrained. Moreover the change from reference-mode for the dimensions cannot simply be undone. Therefore it is really hard to work with the reference mode.)
Additional Informationforum thread:
confirmed by @openBrain and @kisolre
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related to 0003793 assignedabdullah Naming reference constraints on doubleclick 


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