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0003914PathBugpublic2020-12-13 19:55
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Product Version0.19 
Target Version0.19 
Summary0003914: Path Stock using Existing Solid not maintaining state
DescriptionWhen the user chooses to use an existing solid as the stock object for a Job, the behaviour is inconsistent and confusing.

1) The user selects 'use existing solid' from the combobox.
2) The user picks the solid from the list of available choices.
3) If the user presses 'refresh' at this point, the choice to use existing solid remains but the selected solid switches to the first one in the list.

4) If the user selects a solid (other than the first) and then closes the Job task panel, everything is fine. But if the Job is re-opened, the selected solid switches back to the first in the list again.
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