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0003857PartFeaturepublic2019-02-24 18:13
Reporteruwestoehr Assigned To 
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Product Version0.18 
Summary0003857: Helix is not editable via its task dialog
Description- create a helix with the Part WB

This opens a task dialog where you can specify its settings

- after the creation, double-click on the helix in the model tree

result: the task dialog to change its settings does not show up

Since there exists a nice task dialog for helices, it should be shown.
Additional InformationIn principle the same issue than with ShapeStrings:
TagsTask View
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2019-02-24 14:00

developer   ~0012741

In principle the same issue than with ShapeStrings: 0003853


2019-02-24 17:20

administrator   ~0012751

Might be in principle the same as with the ShapeString but this ticket is clearly a feature request and not a bug.


2019-02-24 18:13

developer   ~0012757

The issue is not only about helices, it applies for all parametric primitives in the Part WB.

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