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0003796FreeCADBugpublic2021-02-06 06:49
Reportermarkus51 Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version0.17 
Target Version0.20 
Summary0003796: Shortcuts "V1" .. "V7" to change the "Draw-Style" didn't work in sketch view
DescriptionThe shortcuts "V1" .. "V7" to change the "Draw-Style" didn't work in the sketch view.

When i change to "Part Design" the shortcuts "V1" .. "V7" working correctly.
Steps To Reproduce1.) Open a sketch.
2.) Press "V"+"1" --> the "Draw-Style" din't change
3.) Press "V"+"4" --> the "Draw-Style" din't change
4.) Change in the toolbar to "Part Design"
5.) Press "V"+"1" --> the "Draw-Style" changes correctly
6.) Press "V"+"4" --> the "Draw-Style" changes correctly
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2019-01-25 23:22

administrator   ~0012519

@markus51 Have you tested first in 0.18dev before posting (as we ask in the enormous yellow banner at the top of the page)?
We also ask very clearly at the top of the page not to post bugs (especially v0.17) unless they are verified in the forum.
Please download 0.18dev and verify 0003794 0003795 0003796


2019-01-28 12:00

reporter   ~0012538

The same problem exists on version 0.18dev


2019-01-29 18:19

administrator   ~0012554

Making an 0.18 target. Devs please review (and decide if it should be in the 0.18 or 0.19 roadmap) Thanks.


2019-02-20 13:18

administrator   ~0012704

This is because the shortuct key "V" is used by the vertical constraint. So V1, V2... never happens.

I don't see any obvious solution here, either remap V1-->V7 to something else or remap V to something else...


2019-02-22 23:10

reporter   ~0012728

Because the "V" shortcut is a subset of the "V + n" (with n = 1, 2, 3, ...) shortcut, I am thinking that we might need to have a look at the activatedAmbiguously QT signal. Maybe this will give more insight. Perhaps it is triggered, but no SLOT is attached?

I'd like to test this out myself, but after having tried to compile + debug run the current FreeCAD 0.18 version multiple times today (Windows 10 + VS 2013 + libpack), I am done for today :)

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