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0003707Project Tools & WebsitesGeneralpublic2020-10-22 21:48
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Summary0003707: MacOS 0.17 stable link not uniform with other 0.17 links (Change this for 0.18 release only!)
DescriptionNote: We shouldn't mess with the links now so close to the 0.18 release. Instead moving forward we should figure this out

In order for the wiki to stay efficiently up to date (with download links that point to both stable and development releases), we use wiki templates. Then when release time comes around all one needs to do is change the templates directly and the change auto-populates anywhere in the wiki that said templates are used.

The Appimage page uses the Stable Version Template.

Notice though that on the Github Release Page the OSX stable build stray from the formats:

OSX uses:


Essentially, the Win builds are missing a differentiation between 64bit and 32bit
the punctation between the links are not uniform.
the quickstart file should also have the version.revision info so we can use the template on it as well.
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2018-11-24 11:42



2018-12-31 19:20

administrator   ~0012353

@blacey any chance we can get this done before 0.18 release ?


2018-12-31 19:58

developer   ~0012354

@Kunda1, not sure I will have time but I somewhat disagree that the macOS version numbers are not uniform. Well over a year ago, I implemented a uniform Archive name generation utility in src/Tools/ Here is an excerpt from the commends in the utility:

#! python
#  A convenience script to generate a deployment archive name of the form
#  FreeCAD_{Major Version Number}.{Minor Version Number}-{Git Revision Count}.{Git Short SHA}-{OS}-{Arch}

And it is invoked like this here in Travis.

The impetus was to ensure a uniform archive naming convention across platforms that would be changed/managed by simply changing the utility with macOS adopting it first. So IMHO, the other platform build systems should adopt/use the utility to ensure uniformity.


2019-01-01 17:43


I'm fine with anything. Maybe we should have a forum discussion. There will be a lot going on for 0.18 release/ 0.19 dev. PY2/3, QT4/5, gcc7, Conda vs. native package manager.

For win x86 for 32 bit predates me, but it could easily could be changed to x32.


2019-01-04 18:47

administrator   ~0012369

I think this was discussed somewhere on the forum before and I can't seem to find it using the search.


2019-01-25 23:40

administrator   ~0012523

Continuing the conversation in


2020-10-22 21:48

administrator   ~0014933


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