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0003670PartBugpublic2018-11-14 11:56
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Status confirmedResolutionopen 
Product Version0.17 
Summary0003670: Thickness operation for part fails
DescriptionThickness operation in Part and Part Desing -workbences fails with: "BRep_API: command not done."
Steps To ReproduceSelect "face 8" in "case.fcstd".
Try to do "Thickness"
Additional InformationBinaries tested with "case.fcstd"

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2018-11-05 08:03


case.fcstd (203,881 bytes)


2018-11-05 18:37

administrator   ~0012137

@0kko Please check with 0.18_pre appImage to see if you can recreate.
(make sure you backup you file before doing so as 0.18 is not backward compatible if you open said file in 0.17 again)

BTW, your ticket does not follow our guidelines stated in the enormous banner at the top of this page. We ask for people to report their issues on the forum first, many times they don't even make it to the tracker because they either get solved, or there is an open ticket already (there are exceptions). You also tested this on 0.17 yet you labeled this 0.18. + we have no idea what OS or OS version you are running. Guidelines are there for a reason, thank you.


2018-11-11 05:58

manager   ~0012171

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It is no surprise that the Thickness operation fails - look at the corners at the joint between the wedge and the box. The fillet created a deep cavity at the four corners.

While this may look like a separate and legitimate bug (a fillet causing a crease between slanted corners), fixing it does not solve the thickness issue. The thickness command is notoriously weak. It is most probably an upstream (OCC) issue over which the FreeCAD team has no control.

It is indeed exasperating that some people are completely blind to the f***ing huge yellow banner at the top. IMO we should start ruthlessly closing reports that do not comply with rules. Enough with this.

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