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0003643ArchFeaturepublic2019-05-09 18:19
Reporteramarao Assigned Toyorik  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.17 
Target Version0.19 
Summary0003643: Add' button in Arch section does nothing for an empty selection
DescriptionDouble click on arch. section open a dialog to add and remove object into section. To add objects it expects user to select something and then press 'add'.

It was really, really confusing for me, I thought it was broken, until I found that I need to select some objects beforehand.

My proposal is to add some notification (f.e. popup 'No object was selected to add') or to disable button with tooltip saying that 'Select an object and press add').
Steps To Reproduce1. Create arch. section
2. Double click on it in tree view
3. Click 'add'

Expected behavior:
a) Add is inactive before something was selected
b) or there is a message that 'nothing was added because selection is empty'
Additional InformationI know, it sound as a minor issue for an experienced user, but for a beginner is was a major blocker.
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2018-10-19 13:51

reporter   ~0012072

A discussion thread on the forum:


2018-10-22 18:20

administrator   ~0012083

Indeed, the same problem also exists with other Arch objects, although there the button stays greyed out if no object is selected, which helps.

The best is of course for all these cases to allow the user to pick an object if none is selected when pressing the add button. I'll add that ASAP

Note to self - also, grey out the "remove" button if none is selected in the above list, and pre-select a default category to add to in std arch components


2019-05-09 18:19

administrator   ~0013095

Fix committed to master branch.

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FreeCAD: master 8b4d6c0e

2019-05-09 11:42:22


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Arch: Better behaviour and tooltips on section plane task panel buttons - fixes 0003643 Affected Issues
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