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0000359FreeCADBugpublic2011-10-25 13:14
Reporterwmayer Assigned Towmayer  
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Status closedResolutionnot fixable 
Target Version0.12 
Summary0000359: STEP import doesn't always work if two or more objects are included.
DescriptionFor more details see:
Additional InformationUsing CAD Exchanger the STEP loads fine but the IGES is also broken.
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2011-05-26 06:02 (Attachment missing)


2011-05-30 12:22

administrator   ~0000876

The STEP import works but it seems the tessellation for displaying of the second object doesn't work.


2011-05-31 14:42

administrator   ~0000877

QuickStep shows also only one Part. This is a CAD viewer based on OCC.
So seams not our fault ;)


2011-05-31 19:58

viewer   ~0000878

> QuickStep shows also only one Part. This is a CAD viewer based on OCC.
> So seams not our fault ;)
That's not fully true. It mainly depends on how to handle the read-in STEP model afterwards. Many applications simply use only the first object and ignore further ones. And CAD Exchanger IS able to load both objects.

But the problem is not the STEP loading, it's the visualization of the second object. This object is a sphere but it's represented by a B-Spline surface and for any reason the tessellation algorithm fails to create a valid mesh from it.

On the other hand the SMESH module is able to create a mesh from it.


2011-08-25 07:39

administrator   ~0001000

There was some discussions on the OCE list about the quality of the
OCC view mesher. But thats something we have to tackle as a patch
for OCC :(

I dont think we can do anything on our side...


2011-09-07 07:41

administrator   ~0001051

Here a little script to reproduce this OCC bug:



2011-10-25 07:47

administrator   ~0001191

Not fixable so far on our side. Wait on better tessellation with OCE or OCC.

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