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0003542PathBugpublic2020-10-08 01:14
Reportersliptonic Assigned Tosliptonic  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.18 
Target Version0.19 
Summary0003542: Clean up import/export UI
DescriptionThe File open/import/export menus allow GCode as an option.

1. opens the selector dialog for the pre-processor
2. Creates a naked path object in the tree

1. opens the dialog to select the post-processor
2. attempts to post whatever object is selected

This is really the wrong way to handle post-processing and is confusing to users
Additional InformationRecommend the following changes.
1. Remove gcode from the File import/export file types.
2. Add import... and export (post process)... menu items to the Path menu
3. export (post-process)... should trigger the current post process behavior
4. import should create a custom object in a Job.

existing export template... item should be left as is.

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2020-10-07 18:14

manager   ~0014787

The improved custom (gcode_pre) preprocessor now creates an item in a Path Job.
Export from the main menu has been removed.


2020-10-08 01:14

administrator   ~0014792

@sliptonic any commit(s) associated with this ticket ?

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