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0000350FreeCADBugpublic2012-12-20 22:18
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Summary0000350: Open/Save dialog using English instead of locale language (Ubuntu/GNOME)
DescriptionOn Ubuntu (GNOME desktop), the Open/Save dialog is using English instead of the locale.

The attached capture shows many text strings not translated (locale on this system is French).
Additional InformationUbuntu 10.04.2 LTS 64-Bit, Canada/French locale
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2011-05-14 20:14


opendialog.png (Attachment missing)


2011-05-17 06:52

administrator   ~0000822

This is actually rather Qt-related. The file dialog is a Qt widget and the library already offers some .ts files. The major problem however is that the .ts file is not included into the Qt library itself but must be included by FreeCAD. So, we have to use the .ts file for a specific version but there is no guarantee that it works with the different Qt versions.

If Qt included it as a resource it would be much easier to handle this.


2011-05-17 07:02

administrator   ~0000823

Just tested it with the .ts file for version 4.5.3 of Qt. The dialog is completely translated there.

So, to test this on your platform get the file qt_fr.ts for your Qt version. Load it into QtLinguist and create a qt_fr.qm out of it. Copy this file into FreeCAD/src/Gui/Languages and rebuild the sources. Now check again the file dialog.


2011-11-04 21:26

administrator   ~0001248

Sounds for me as if its a
Ubuntu packaging problem. The do not deliver the appropriated languages..


2012-12-20 22:18

administrator   ~0002730

No further comment and no user monitor that bug...

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