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0000348FreeCADBugpublic2011-05-15 14:53
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Fixed in Version0.12 
Summary0000348: Help (F1) not working
DescriptionThe Help (F1 or Help > Help menu) is not working on Ubuntu. When calling it, nothing happens.

I chose trunk as version, but I don't remember Help ever working for any version for the past year, on 3 different systems (Karmic, Lucid on two differents PCs, Maverick in a VM). That is for any version of FreeCAD either compiled, installed from Ubuntu repository, built or installed from the new freecad-daily PPA.

Since the freecad-daily PPA for Lucid (and also the freecad package from Ubuntu repository) installs the following files:
/usr/share/doc/freecad/freecad.qch (18.3MB)
/usr/share/doc/freecad/freecad.qhc (17KB)

I'm assuming something should happen when pressing F1.
Additional Informationactual tested version: freecad_0.12-bzr4140~lucid1 on Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS 64-bit
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2011-05-15 13:42

administrator   ~0000813

This is strange, for me everything works fine (help menu, F1 key and the "what's this" button). I think some part of Qt Assistant (the Qt help system) must be missing. I think it's part of the qt4-dev-tools package. Can you check if it works when you install that package? Maybe we should list it as a dependency then...


2011-05-15 14:03

manager   ~0000814

The qt4-dev-tools package is already installed...


2011-05-15 14:10

administrator   ~0000816

But you are able to run qassistant? ("Assistant" from the terminal)


2011-05-15 14:20

manager   ~0000817

Yes, through the Programmation > Qt4 Assistant menu. But I just noticed that if I type assistant from the terminal, I get Qt3 Assistant instead. Since I have QCad, Qt3 libraries are installed on my system as well. I wonder if that's the problem.


2011-05-15 14:33

manager   ~0000819

I'll be... that was it! I uninstalled qt3-assistant and qt3-doc, which were required by qcad-doc, and now Help is working in FreeCAD. I uninstalled qcad as well, since I now use its fork LibreCAD, which was ported to Qt4.

Still, I'm wondering if there's a way to call Qt4-assistant from within FreeCAD other than by the assistant command, to avoid conflicts when qt3-doc is also installed.

Thanks a lot Yorik! I guess we can close this bug!


2011-05-15 14:52

administrator   ~0000821

In my debian system assistant is a symlink to assistant-qt4... Probably it works the same on ubuntu. I suppose some uninstall/reinstalling you did did change that link. Probably dpkg-reconfiguring the right package would recreate the correct link, but i'm not sure which one.

Anyway, I'll close the bug for now! (One bug less is always good to take ;)

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