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0003464PathFeaturepublic2019-01-22 05:35
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Summary0003464: Need an improved import pre-processor for external gcode
Descriptiongcode is imported to FreeCAD and processed with a preprocessor python script.
A couple examples exist but they are limited in functionality.

An improved pre-processor script would:

1) Create a job if non exists, use existing job, or prompt user to select if multiple jobs exist.

2) Create Customs and load the path commands into them.

3) Create tool controllers for each tool. Associate with the Customs.

4) Appropriately handle the creation and selection of tools for the tool controllers.

Additional InformationTo build the tool controller we need, at a minimum, the tool diameter. However, the gcode is only guaranteed to contain a tool number. It might have comments which indicate other attributes of the tool but these could be in any format.

Not sure how to handle this. Prompt the user? Create/duplicate the default tool? Attempt to parse comments?
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