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0003338PathBugpublic2018-02-06 09:27
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Summary0003338: Tool Cutting Edge Angle definition needs to change to the most expected definition by users
DescriptionCurrently the Cutting Edge Angle of a tool is the angle between the horizontal plane and one side of the Tool. Again and again users have pointed out that most tools are specified with the full angle of the tool itself. This is mostly true for drill bits and v-carve bits. However, these are also the tools that most likely have an angled cutting surface to begin with.

In order to minimize confusion and hopefully put this discussion to rest the internal processing of the angle needs to change, it's default value needs to be set to 180° and the drill tool compensation needs to change accordingly.

Note that the simulator already assumes above definition of the cutting angle and doesn't need to change. It is another example of the intuition of most users being different than the current implementation in Path.
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