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0003259Project Tools & WebsitesFeaturepublic2021-02-06 06:36
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Target Version0.20 
Summary0003259: Buildbot framework
DescriptionCreate a framework to build and test FreeCAD. Although we use TravisCI and AppVeyor With buildbot we can use webhooks to trigger kinds of useful tests and operations such as
without significant security issues.
Additional InformationThis project needs volunteers who can use virtual machines to build buildbot
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parent of 0003205 assignedKunda1 TravisCI to check spelling of submitted Pull Requests to FC repo 
parent of 0003206 assignedKunda1 TravisCI to run code linting to report trailing whitespace/tabs + LF line endings 
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2019-01-29 05:30

administrator   ~0012547

Unassigning myself for now since I'm not sure when I'll have the bandwidth to work on this, but if someone else picks it up and needs me to deploy something I'd be glad to.

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