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0003205Project Tools & WebsitesGeneralpublic2021-12-17 03:53
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Summary0003205: TravisCI to check spelling of submitted Pull Requests to FC repo
DescriptionBased on this tutorial we could use codespell to run spelling checks on submitted PRs to travis. This test won't stop builds from building but should notify the user via the PR notes which typos were found.

Currently testing is done manually via:
codespell -d -q 3 --skip="*.po,*.ts,./.git,./src/3rdParty,./src/zipios++,./src/CXX" --ignore-words=../fc-word-whitelist.txt

Somethings to resolve technically:
  • How to install codespell via travisci (apt-get I assume)?
  • Skip non-relevant 3rd party directories src/CXX src/zipios++ src/3rdParty [DONE]
  • Whitelist certain words: [DONE] see
  • Make sure the test doesn't fail the build but just informs user via the PR tracker note.
Additional InformationUpstream codespell ticket:
TagsTravisCI, unit-test
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2017-10-01 14:27

administrator   ~0010227

According to one of the upstream codespell devs:

We use it here:

And the Makefile (make codespell for interactive mode and make codespell-error for CI):



2017-10-14 16:08

administrator   ~0010296

submitted test PR in FreeCAD Pull Request 1039


2017-10-16 18:54

administrator   ~0010303

Problem, need to abandon the api token methodology and use webhooks. See


2021-12-17 03:53

administrator   ~0016108

This is probably obsolete now: we could consider using GitHub actions.

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