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0003204SketcherFeaturepublic2017-10-12 09:25
ReporterSparkyCola Assigned ToSparkyCola  
PrioritynormalSeverityfeatureReproducibilityhave not tried
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Target Version0.17Fixed in Version0.17 
Summary0003204: Improvement of the rectangular selection
DescriptionI would like to add a selection-mode that allows to select objects that are touched as well as those that are fully boxed in addition to the current boxed-only mode. The switching would be the same as in the general rectangular selection, depending on if you draw the selection to the right or the left.
Tagsinput, shortcuts, sketcher
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2017-10-03 17:41

developer   ~0010239

Last edited: 2017-10-03 17:43

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I started working on it, already found the function that I need to modify, I also know what I need to change.
I would like to assign this feature request to myself, but can't figure out how I can edit the entry or assign myself otherwise.


2017-10-03 17:47

administrator   ~0010240

@kkremitzki care to bump the privs for @SparkyCola to 'developer' ?


2017-10-04 20:45

developer   ~0010244

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so far I've implemented a decent version which works perfectly for lines, not too inaccurate for touch-detection of circle, ellipse and all arcs, however splines could use some improvement, for now it should be good enough though.
I also figured out that the performance of the rectangular selection (if it involves a sketch that contains circles, ellipses or arcs) could be increased if only the boundary boxes would get checked instead of 12 or more points per element (if they can be calculated fairly simple).


2017-10-05 04:12

administrator   ~0010246

FreeCAD Pull Request 1017 submitted by SparkyCola. Thanks!
Lets see how the devs respond.


2017-10-05 16:53

administrator   ~0010249

@Kunda1 done.


2017-10-05 17:02

administrator   ~0010250

Thanks kkremtizki!
@SparkyCola This is unusual to do for a single PR, giving you dev privs. I think it may mean that you should stick around and contribute some more? <wink> Thanks for your contribution.


2017-10-06 13:39

developer   ~0010251

@Kunda1 I'll definitely stick around and help out, and not only on my own feature requests, this one was meant to be a first start, and thanks for the privs.


2017-10-06 13:42

developer   ~0010252

Pulled into master-branch on 2017/10(October)/4.


2017-10-06 14:41

administrator   ~0010253

This PR has not been committed yet to master. Unresolving.
Not sure what gave you that impression?
FYI, when resolving, please add the GitHub commit URL
(in a perfect world our bugtracker addon "Source Integration" would do it but that has been malfunctioning). Read more about that at


2017-10-06 20:09

developer   ~0010256

@Kunda1 sorry my mistake, I somehow thought it was already commited.


2017-10-12 09:25

administrator   ~0010293

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