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0003110SketcherFeaturepublic2021-02-06 05:55
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Summary0003110: Sketcher: add support of relevant constraints to B-splines
DescriptionThe current implementation of B-splines only support constraints on the B-spline vertices. It would be useful to use other constraints as well (point on object, tangent, perpendicular on the curve).
Tagsb-splines, constraints
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2018-11-29 11:14

reporter   ~0012229

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Can this be broken down into two parts?

(1) BSpline is immutable and the other simpler geometry is forced to conform to it -- eg lines are forced equal length or forced perpendicular at point of intersection while the BSpline remains constant.

(2) BSpline can be fully effected and changed by the constraints.

I am looking to use the Length Equality between line and BSpline, which should be the easiest thing, it has to measure it and then apply it.

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