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0003098PathFeaturepublic2017-07-18 16:07
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Summary0003098: Drilling option G98, G99
DescriptionAt least in Fanuc there is an options G98 (return to initial point) and G99 (return to R point). It would be nice to have ability to choose between them. I don't know, are this commands used for something else in different controllers, I personally think, that there should be additional option in Postprocessor to specify which command to use, or don't use at all if no option specified, to Postprocessors would be backward compatible.
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2017-06-28 21:50

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@konstantin it is customary to discuss such requests on the forums. Please link to a dialogue with the devs about this so people can read further.
Thank you. Also please further familiarize yourself with the FC guidelines on how to report bugs and requests features from:
Thank you in advance!


2017-07-08 23:49

manager   ~0009694

LinuxCNC uses them like this which appears to be the same.

I'm not clear on whether these are issued once and remain active until a G80 cancels the canned cycle or whether they have to be sent on every canned cycle command. In other words, is it like this:
G81 X1 Y1 Z1.5 R2.8
G81 X5 Y3 Z1.5 R2.8

or like:
G81 G98 X1 Y1 Z1.5 R2.8
G81 G98 X5 Y3 Z1.5 R2.8

If it's the first one, this should be easy. The second will give us some trouble.


2017-07-09 13:35

manager   ~0009696

Actually this is easier than I thought. We're already sending a G98. All I need to do is add an option to choose either mode.


2017-07-11 23:13

manager   ~0009722

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