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0003009SketcherBugpublic2017-08-13 15:39
ReporterKunda1 Assigned Toabdullah  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.17 
Target Version0.17Fixed in Version0.17 
Summary0003009: Sketch with conic (ellipse) has error
DescriptionA simple sketch with a conic section shows an error and cannot be padded.

Edited by NormandC: as found out by el3phanten, extra points that are automatically created and listed in the Elements list (but not visible in the 3D view) seem to be responsible. Deletion of these points from the Elements list solves the issue.
Steps To ReproduceCreate a new body and sketch and the XY plane
Add a conic section.
I made the sketch fully constrained but this doesn't appear to be necessary.
Close the sketch.
The sketch icon in the tree will show an error. Hovering over the error gives no additional information.
No error shown in console or report view.
Attempting to pad the sketch gives error 'linked shape object is empty'
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2017-04-29 15:22

administrator   ~0008827

Fix committed by Abdullah in c:FreeCAD:4c3ffb57:
(Ticket was recreated and tweeked from backup manually)


2017-04-29 15:23

administrator   ~0008828

Note: do not close until changeset is updated and attached to ticket


2017-08-13 15:39

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