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Summary0002970: Make output precision a user preference
DescriptionThe output produced in a gcode file should be configurable by the user. Internal calculations should be done at full precision but the output produced may be limited depending on what the user desires. At present, the output is hard-coded to four decimal places in some places and uses the freecad default in others.

Add a Path Preference for the output precision.
Make new jobs copy the preference and allow override.
Change PathUtils fmt() funtion to use the preference or override in the job setting.
Make output to the postprocessors use the setting.
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related to 0002866 closed FreeCAD Gui::InputField rounds values to 2 digits 



2017-07-06 21:25

developer   ~0009675

output precision can mean different things depending on post-processor.
ie axis movement precision
feed rate precision
spindle rpm precision, etc

It makes sense to handle this in the individual postprocessors as arguments. The desired configuration can be easily selected per-job by saving a template with the specific post and arguments.

Current functionality meets the need. No further feature is required.

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