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Summary0002957: please add spreadsheet direct printing
DescriptionPlease add spreadsheet direct printing. This will be very helpful for my macro:
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FreeCAD doesn't not support direct printing for spreadsheets. So as a workaround you have to:

Export your spreadsheet to CSV.
Copy the CSV data to LibreOffice.
Convert text with tabulators in LibreOffice to the table.
Make some corrections (add mm and adjust table columns).
Print it.
Go and cut your chipboards to market or any other woodworking service that provide wood cutting :-)
Additional Informationno such feature already
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related to 0002474 new Integrate LibreOffice Calc via GUI 



2017-03-09 01:12

administrator   ~0008578

Changed priority of the ticket. Also it makes sense to specify as best as possible what you'd like to achieve to save time for the devs to read the whole thread you're linking to.


2017-07-13 11:28

administrator   ~0009752

@dprojects can you explain in more detail, within this ticket why it would be useful to have this feature?


2017-08-13 16:56

administrator   ~0009915

@dprojects ping


2017-11-10 16:49

administrator   ~0010407

@eivindkvedalen care to weigh in ?


2017-11-11 18:43

developer   ~0010410

I think printing is now supported in Tech draw. Is that enough?


2017-11-11 20:12

reporter   ~0010411

For my purposes ( the TechDraw is useless. I can create table in spreadsheet but I am not able to print it. You can add spreadsheet to TechDraw manually but it not preserve the correct format. In fact I wasn't able to operate effectively TechDraw. It is nice feature but I guess it really need changes to have it working. Now I copy the spreadsheet manually to LibreOffice.


2017-11-22 19:26

reporter   ~0010458

For example: on "Spreadsheet" tab I would like to have button with print option. The print button could transform current spreadsheet table into pdf document and open box for print it. This should preserve text color and other formating.


2017-12-08 00:33

administrator   ~0010543


2018-01-28 19:19

reporter   ~0010892

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I second this request !
Spreadsheets are first class citizens in projects together with tech drawings, paths, etc.. And one can build excellent documents with them that deserve/need printing feature.
Or again, like requested in 0002474 ( delegate spreadsheet handling to Libre Office for mighty powers :) EDIT: @kunda1 oh man hadn't seen your link was just about that ! Such a good news someone is working on this :)

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