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0002956FreeCADFeaturepublic2021-08-18 03:15
Reportergueux Assigned Towmayer  
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Product Version0.16 
Target Version0.20 
Summary0002956: wishlist: use $XDG_DATA_HOME/freecad for system.cfg and user.cfg
DescriptionEvery time I open FreeCAD, it creates ~/.FreeCAD/, and when I close it, it creates ~/.FreeCAD/system.cfg and ~/.FreeCAD/user.cfg. As $XDG_CONFIG_HOME is already used, it would be great if FreeCAD could use $XDG_DATA_HOME, too.
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2017-04-28 20:17

administrator   ~0008816

@wmayer just putting this on your radar since this looks like some straggling issues not implemented with the previous XDG commits.


2018-10-19 13:33

administrator   ~0012070

Last edited: 2018-10-19 13:34

Intresting PR: FreeCAD Pull Request 1732


2018-10-24 12:05

administrator   ~0012088

Forum thread:


2019-05-31 23:23

reporter   ~0013133

While I do agree with this ticket, it is a bit incorrect:
system.cfg and user.cfg should use $XDG_CONFIG_HOME, not $XDG_DATA_HOME,
as they are user specific config files, not data files.


2020-02-03 12:22

administrator   ~0014139

Also implement XDG_CACHE_HOME to store recovery files because /tmp is not the best choice as all files are lost after a reboot.
For macOS see:

Forum thread:


2020-07-10 12:59

reporter   ~0014641

Just noticed this as well. Would really appreciate if the defaults didn't put something in my home folder without a very good reason.


2020-07-15 08:19

reporter   ~0014649

You are mixing up about three different issues in this issue:
  1. non-creating of files unless needed (e.g. actually downloading a Mod or changing settings)
  2. making the config files XDG compliant
  3. making FreeCAD XDG compliant

2 is a subset of 3, to fully make 3 you also need to move Macro, cookies, Mod and AddonManager.

For 1+2 Elektra would help, next to many other features Elektra would introduce, see

Furthermore, the tag #lowhangingfruit is misleading. It might be easy to implement but the implications for current users are drastic (like losing all the current config and/or writing data to places which are not backed up) if you do not have a very careful migration strategy.


2021-08-18 03:15

administrator   ~0015826

What's left with this ticket?

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