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0002903PathBugpublic2017-03-20 16:27
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Product Version0.17 
Target Version0.17Fixed in Version0.17 
Summary0002903: Path Viewprovider needs to handle arc planes correctly.
DescriptionGcode ars (G2 and G3) moves are always performed in the active plane.
The plane is selected by another gcode which is modal until changed.
G17 (default) selects the XY plane.
G18 selects the XZ plane
G19 selects the YZ plane.

At present, all arcs are calculated in the XY plane.

Additional InformationThis hasn't been a problem because G17 is the default and other arc planes are rarely used in 3 axis milling. However, as we implement lathe turning operations this will be a problem. A normal lathe configuration does all work in the XZ plane so arcs will be performed there. In order to correctly visualize lathe gcode, we will need to represent the arcs correctly.
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