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0002869FreeCADFeaturepublic2021-02-06 06:50
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Summary0002869: IPython / Jupyter support
DescriptionThis is a placeholder ticket for IPython / Jupyter. It has been listed as a potential GSOC project ( and mentored by ickby (though this year ickby may not be able to mentor it (as per

Nevertheless, for those interested, discussion on this topic have occurred in the FreeCAD forums:
* IPython notebook integration
* Ipython Qt Console
* [SOLVED] Embedding FreeCAD in ipython

Please continue the conversation in
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2019-08-31 13:33

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@looo made a proof of concept some time ago:


2019-08-31 13:35

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A user "Bayesian" created a forum thread: How to use Jupyter Notebook with FreeCad [Guide]

@keithsloan posts thread called Exciting possibilities with jupyter and FreeCAD

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