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Summary0002868: Port QtWebKit to QtWebEngine
DescriptionAs of Qt 5.6, QtWebKit is deprecated in favor of QtWebEngine. The QtWebKit source is still available but not included in any Qt 5.6 or later distros.

Currently the Web Mod depends upon QtWebKit causing exceptions upon launch when built without QtWebKit

Qt 5.7 is already out and the plan is for FreeCAD 0.17 to release on Qt 5.x so we need to find a path to remove the dependency on QtWebKit.
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duplicate of 0003774 closed Support of QtWebEngine as alternative to QtWebkit 
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child of 0002986 closedwmayer Port from Qt4 to Qt5 (Ongoing) 



2018-04-22 19:02

administrator   ~0011179

According to the Qt4 webkit package has been removed but a Qt5 webkit is at least maintained until Qt6 will appear. It's true that Qt webkit is not part of the Qt base any more but it's still available as an add-on.

Under Ubuntu 18.04 building the Web module works without changing a single line and at runtime it works flawlessly.

According to at some point in the future we must move to Qt webengine but there is no reason to do this now unless we need the latest and greatest HTML5 features.
Since our start page doesn't need these features we can stay with webkit for now. IMO, we can do the move when we fully drop Qt4 support.


2018-04-24 13:34

administrator   ~0011189

Last edited: 2018-04-24 13:34

Here is an initial port to webengine:
However, the QtWebEngineWidgets is a very heavy package and thus we should think about using something more lightweight. Maybe Qt's QML or QtQuick is an option.


2019-01-14 20:52

administrator   ~0012433

Changed summary to QtWebEngine


2019-01-16 13:53

administrator   ~0012438

Last edited: 2019-01-16 16:33

A merge request has been created with 0003774 to offer QtWebEngine as an alternative. This will be done for v0.19, then.

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