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0002846Project Tools & WebsitesFeaturepublic2017-03-06 19:46
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Summary0002846: MantisBT Proposal: Default template for bug reports
DescriptionBelow is the text that I'm proposing would be available in every bug report page ( See attached screenshot of proposal. What I'm hoping is possible is that the default text could be placeholder text that will disappear once the user starts typing in the text field to enter their information. Here is an example of how to add placeholder text to a
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2017-01-12 19:58



2017-01-12 20:00

administrator   ~0007682

We could also mention somewhere in all this the @yorik forum thread on Bug submission guidelines


2017-01-12 22:32

administrator   ~0007688

The problem is that this requires to modify the mantis source code... Which I'm not very keen to do because then everytime we upgrade, I have to make the changes again. But let's see how it goes with mantis2 first, maybe there are better customization options...


2017-01-12 23:33

administrator   ~0007692

> The problem is that this requires to modify the mantis source code... Which I'm not very keen to do because then everytime we upgrade, I have to make the changes again.

Understood. If that's the case, I'll open a ticket on MantisBT and see what they say.


2017-01-12 23:41

administrator   ~0007693

Upstream ticket:


2017-01-13 01:20

administrator   ~0007701

You're becoming the tracker master :)
This was a good occasion to have a look at the new mantis... Much better! I liked the "timeline" that is now on the "my view" page...


2017-01-13 01:30

administrator   ~0007703

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Cool, yea I like the timeline as well! It shows tracker activity which is something I think is important for a tracker to have. It's taking MantisBT ages to get to where they are now. I think it's quite a departure from the low-tech 1.3.x UI and it feels ... well it's growing on me... nevertheless, I think they're going in the right direction. Especially with the file drag and drop interface and easier to view bug attachment files.


2017-01-13 20:32

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Apparently the upstream ticket is a dupe of
Edit: Upstream ticket re-opened since it wasn't a dupe but only related.


2017-01-14 22:27

administrator   ~0007772

@yorik mantisbt dev responded:
The way to achieve this is to have configuration opens that can be set in config_inc.php or the database (per project) that end up in the HTML place holder text, which provides the desired behavior automatically. Contributions via Github Pull Requests are welcome.



2017-01-14 22:35

administrator   ~0007773

Of course...


2017-01-16 19:49

administrator   ~0007821

Hopefully, this post for assistance on the forum[1] will call in the cavalry?!



2017-03-02 04:29

administrator   ~0008492

implemented in:

should be active now. let me know what you think.


2017-03-02 13:40

administrator   ~0008516

Looks awesome except that latest FF does not see the newlines within the multi-line javascript (even though it should
I'll file an upstream ticket with Mozilla.
Thanks again kkremitzki!


2017-03-02 13:53

administrator   ~0008517

Upstream FF bug:


2017-03-06 19:46

administrator   ~0008548

Change of plan... the text is now in the table headers on the report page. See

Thanks to @kkremitzki in c:FreeCAD:61244bcb0e72d3b2e581b066555b64371e8bdd44:

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