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0002825PathBugpublic2017-01-02 12:26
Reportermlampert Assigned Tomlampert  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
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Product Version0.17 
Target Version0.17Fixed in Version0.17 
Summary0002825: Path view provider arc approximation too coarse for wide arcs
DescriptionCreating a Contour operation for attached part results in a triangular display of the resulting path - when in reality it is an arc. The generated g-code is correct as can be verified by other g-code visualisation tools.
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2017-01-01 23:09


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FreeCAD: master 40ad0b74

2017-01-02 13:25:48


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Merge pull request 0000410 from mlampert/issue-2825

Path: Setting a minimum # interpolations for displaying an arc - fixes issue 2825
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mod - src/Mod/Path/Gui/ViewProviderPath.cpp Diff File

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