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Summary0002813: Dressup to map linear axis data to rotary axis (gcode wrap)
DescriptionA 4th axis device is usually a rotary axis or trunion table connected to either the A or B axis.
A-Axis is rotation around X and B is rotation around Y.

For certain kinds of operations it is useful to generate the path as a 2.5D path in XYZ space and then 'wrap' the gcode around a cylindrical shape by mapping either the X or Y moves to A or B axis respectively.

A dressup should be written to map a linear axis to a rotary axis for the purpose of performing these operations.

The dressup would take as input,
A path
An axis mapping (ie X -> A or X-> B)
A radius of the cylinder.

Accurately visualizing the gcode backplot would be nice but isn't strictly necessary at this point. Perhaps a message in the console that backplot is suppressed .
Additional InformationWhile linear axis moves are expressed in either mm or in., rotary axis moves are expressed in degrees. The distance to rotate depends on the radius of the cylinder being turned so the A axis move distance will have to be recalculated.

Some consideration needs to be give to feed rate as well. linear axis feed rates are expressed in MM or inches per second and rotary are degrees per second so direct conversion is not possible and recalculation will be necessary.

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